Luctor Capital has the intention to make a positive contribution to the quality of life and workprocesses of every single person and to our society and our environment as a whole.We support organizations, governments, partners and employees who are willing to work together to make a tribute to each other and to there environment.

We focus on connection, co-creation, research and exploration in order to solve complex problems and gain new insights and knowledge which comes to solutions ans new opportunities. We start projects and educational programm's and support by different kind of services. First of all we want to increase the wellbeing of human kind and increase the individual human capital for more sustainable social-, ecologic and economic growth. The outcomes and effect from the services we deliver are: increased motivation, more well-being, less absenteeism, increased productivity, creating new job and better health, stronger image and reputation, more trust, more engagement, more effective and efficiënt organization, innovative product's, improved (business) processes, improved market position, new cooperation opportunities, stronger and positive organization culture.


Our services and activities reflect what is important to us as a person and as a organization. Which are based on important values. It is a shorth way of discribing our vieuw, motivations and intentions.