Advice and sessions

Strategic advice

Luctor Capital is a coöperative organization and has the mission to support (non profit) organizations and foundations with large agenda's and to solve complex issues. We build a bridge between the constant change within people and society. By combining expertise in different areas, high impact ideas, data, supply and demant.The partners from Luctor Capital have an important bridging function. As an pact we provide strategic communication services, more stakeholder involvement and growth of shared responsibility. It is possible to support you and the company in complex issues and cases. Thought the juse of broad knowledge, sharp analytical skills and expertise.


Do you have to make inportant discisions, and are you not able to take the right descision with certainty?

Do you have give advise yourselve,Its is possible but yout not so sure?

Do you doubt about certain matters on cases within your organization?

Are you looking for fresh ideas for your product?


We offer

Support with strategic coöporation.

Detail plans.

Support for integrating business units.

Assistence in decision making.

We can provide advise wether you can reach your goals with the current plan.

Finding alternative strategies.

Assistents with the implementation of your new programm and plan.



Excellent Governance (medio september, data follows)


Visionaire session

Share your vision, passion, and ideas during a 2-hours visionairy session in your company. Pursue your ambition in a contemporary, inspiational and motivational way. Whether you work out plans in a structured way with others and share knowledge and insights with eacht other for positive outcomes in shared goals. A small delegation can work on a case, problem or a project.

The needs, ideas and requirements will be discussed in our own special way as we work together to reform proces or product.



Hybrid projects

Red Birds

Luctor Capital approaches complex issues and challenges within wellbeing and unemployment. Together with young entrepreneurs we want to start an international oriënted foundation. We want to provide a multidisciplinairy and international learn- and workspace that makes a tribute to stimulate and coach young people and starting entrepreneurs. The focus is to lower youth unemployment, increase wellness and stimulate individuel-, social-,  economic- and ecologic growth. Our board consist of specialists in different sectors and characterized by strong ethical leadership. All the members have a large professional network what is a important source of knowledge and experience. The knowledge and experiences of all members and the partners we work with brings effort for the people we work for. What brings effort for  the wellbeing of the single individual and the whole environment he and we live in.

Call: We are looking out for youngsters who want to be a part of this project from the first moment on. 


Good news at the and of this year!!!

We found a partnership and a worklocation for Red Birds.

We will keep in contact and share future activities and our fantastic worklocation(s).


More info:




We offer


Support for CEO's and managers.

Assistance in realizing solutions for structural and complex issues and challenges.

Make connections by analyzing witin the strategic plan and discission making.

Monitoring of the Arch ievement of deadlines and make adjustments where necessary.

Support in developing formats, strategic documents and with decision making.

Re port to coöperating partners.

Portfolio management.