Luctor Capital focusses on the improvement of learning and working processes. Taking care of the well-being of human kind, quality of life, safety of the environment and better working conditions. We work in a structured and efficient way and offer various services. Our clients include governments, businesses, boards and (non-profit) organizations and institutions.

Luctor Capital stands out for it's renewed look on quality of life and social economic growth.As an entrpreneur i want to make a positive effect on people and his environment by creating positive synergie and build bridges by positve influence. We give realistic advice, share insights and network. I have a high level of commitment in the projects i coördinate and the goals to archief. Our approach is very professional, customer-oriented, custom made. 


. Strategic advise

. Organizational advise

. Public affairs / lobby

. Programm management

. Project management

. Brainstorm session product development

. Incompany training development

. Devolopment of adviserapports