Luctor Capital focusses on the improvement of learning and working processes. Taking care of the well-being of human kind, quality of life, safety of the environment and better working conditions. We work in a structured and efficient way and offer various services. Our clients include governments, businesses, boards and (non-profit) organizations and institutions.

Luctor Capital stands out for it's renewed look on quality of life and social economic growth.As an entrpreneur i want to make a positive effect on people and his environment by creating positive synergie and build bridges by positve influence. We give realistic advice, share insights and network. I have a high level of commitment in the projects i coördinate and the goals to archief. Our approach is very professional, customer-oriented, custom made. 


. Strategic advise

. Organizational advise

. Public affairs / lobby

. Programm management

. Project management

. Brainstorm session product development

. Incompany training development

. Devolopment of adviserapports







My name is Esmeralda de Koster. I'm a social entrepreneur. Born and living in the beautiful town called Terneuzen in The Netherlands. I`m a involved, driven and passionate entrepreneur with heart for human beings, organization and the environment as a whole. Who designs services for you and your organization. Luctor Capital is build on my wide and multidimentional (work) experiences and insights in various organizations, the network what has become a part of meself and the organization.

I set myself high goals. Build on the power of connection and co creation. Professional theme ´ s and motives are talent development, co creation, connection, project management and leadership.

For questions or meet up, please contact us. It seeks to answer your questions or suggestions within 48 hours. Of course it is allso possible to contact me by phone.


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